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" and in the history books. >>> and training day, nerdland style. but first, yes, virginia, there is an election. >>> good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. if i asked you what day is november 5th and you answered, duh, melissa, it's tuesday, instead of, enthusiastically offering the alternate correct answer, it's election day in america! well, you're in good company. because it's election day 2013, an odd number, which makes this an off year election. and well, to be honest, we tend not to get too excited about off year elections if voter turnout is any indication. in fact, it's not uncommon for voter turnout percentages in some off year state and local elections to be in the single digits. and that's among people who live in the jurisdictions that will be directly impacted by the outcomes of those elections. given the level of disinterest among people who actually have to live with the consequences of off year elections, finding a reason to care about the electoral politics of a state where you don't live is probably asking a lot. but here's why you might want to start paying attention. becau
been going for democrats and presidential elections. and i think we're going to have success on tuesday if we do what we know how to do, turn out voters. the president coming to arlington for the ticket today will really help with voter turnout. we feel good with what we see. i think the election, if it works out the way i suspect it will, it is going to be a repudiation of the sort of no compromise tea party strand of the republican party. there is republicans who aren't in that mode, but in virginia, and in many places now, it is the no compromise tea party wing that is taking control. and i think that brand of government, which virginians saw and experienced with the shutdown is going to get rejected on tuesday. and then with that, back to the rule reforms, look, i'm not an expert on the senate rules and they're complicated. with would we do a complete elimination of the filibuster? probably not. the filibuster has had a venerable part of the tradition of the senate. but the problem is the filibuster was reserved originally for only the most extreme issues when people would take the
jersey governor hoping to use a big victory tomorrow to show republicans he is the most electable. mitt romney hinted christie could be the party's savior in 2016. hillary clinton is calculating her own appearances with her first foray back into the campaign spotlight, stumping for close friend terry mcauliffe. but that new book, "double down" is spilling big-time campaign secrets from the 2012 election. two bombshells include dirt on chris christie's background that came up during the vice presidential vet and tpossibiliy they would swap joe biden for hillary clinton. two veteran campaign reporters say president obama saying i just don't know if i can do this, as he prepared for the second debate. let me bring in our company, editor in chief of reason magazine, matt welch and the "washington post" politics reporter, jackie kucinich. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with chris christie because he's got an election he's almost sure to win tomorrow. he's looking to send a message but as also passed over to be the vice presidential nominee. let me play for you what mitt romney
of representatives and you're running for re-election, you have to be very prepared you're going to have an opponent who's going to say, this person's part of washington, elect me because washington's broken and we need some fresh air. of course, that's been an argument we've seen time and time before. washington is broken, let's throw all the bums out. but abby, this time might be a little bit different. one of the poll numbers that really struck me, 63% want to replace their current member of congress with someone else. that's the highest percentage on that question dating back to 1992. there's a lot of dissatisfaction out there. the question is whether that still remains the case a year from now. >> right. mark, dig into who these people are we're talking about, the 30% who want an independent, the folks who won't self-identify as democrats or republicans. do they self-identify with more liberal, more conservative? do they identify with the tea party, or is it really sort of a mixed bag? >> krystal, that's a great question. i ended up digging into the cross tabs this morning to find an answer. th
. >>> the most consequential and hotly contested election this year will probably be in virginia one week from today. ken cuccinelli versus terry mcauliffe. even people who have voted republican forever say they are not going to vote for ken cuccinelli. who knows, miracles do happen in politics, but ken cuccinelli appears to need one. e.w. jackson trails by more than ken cuccenlli does. so the governor's race looks like a democratic blowout. that means the most hotly contested election might be the attorney general's race in virginia. in that attorney general race, it's republican state senator mark obenshane who's running against democratic state senator mark herring. and right now, they appear to be very close. the senate democrats lead 49-46. which means the race is pretty close to predict with any confidence. and that has caused republicans to see mark ownening shane obenshane -- now mark obenshane, if he is elected will be famous for that. the last thing he is famous for, though, was what he did in 2009 as a virginia state senator. he introduced a bill that year which said if a woman in v
was not elected to be quiet. i'm not going to be quiet. >> was that john mccain that said that? >> i refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me. >> of course raphael cruz senior saves his harshest language for the president of the united states. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i would like to send him back to kenya. [ applause ] >> that was at a north texas tea party event about two months before mitt romney lost the presidential election and of course it was long after president obama had produced his birth certificate showing that unlike either raphael cruz, sr., or junior, he was actually born in the united states. joining me now are msnbc political analyst steve schmidt, senior adviser on the mccain '08 campaign and joy reid, nbc contributor. this latest video about him wanting to send president obama as he puts it back to kenya was pulled out today. it's been around. they highlighted it. and then the senator put out a statement saying he doesn't -- his father doesn't speak for him. >> it's so precious when the guy whos
. she moved to new york as elected senator from new york. i still remind her of how much courage that took. elizabeth warren. she had a job that she created for herself in the administration. the republicans wouldn't give that to her. i'll bet today they wish they had. because she fought back. so i think that the profile of those two women and this good man, and for your viewers that may not know this, he is an african-american with stunning credentials. stamford, bachelor's degree, master's degree, tight end on the football team. >> and a good one. >> rhodes scholar. yale law school, what a record. and then as mayor, this man who came from an upper middle class family has lived in a mobile home most of the time, in part of the slums of the north, the city he runs. that is the kind of people we need in the senate. >> senator harry reid today expounding over the liberal democrats in the senate, expounding over elizabeth warren. senator warren, senator elect booker was on that flight this morning. she said it was really an emotional moment at the airport, where his team from newark
of the newspaper was controlled by the student council. i was elected and the paper was becoming unreadable. it was just -- it looked like it came out of the soviet union. you just couldn't read it. so we engineered a coup to fire the editor and realized we have to find an editor. so they looked around and decided it's going to be me. sa. i've never worked on a paper. a detail. >> a poly sci and economics major, he loved writing and thinking about all things political. he applied to medical school to please his family and got accepted to harvard and got into oxford, as well. to study political theory. would he choose a life of science or a life of letters? the brilliant graduate had enviable options but didn't figure out what matters most to him and split the difference. he put off harvard and enrolled at oxford and while studying history's great political philosophers he met a fellow student from australia, robin trethaway. a clerk to the chief justy of her home state's supreme court. but so much would change in the three years between when they met and married. beginning with his sudden d
are set to shape up the political word. new details from "double down." the details from the 2012 election are leaking to the press. remember the rumors the obama administration was thinking of booting vice president biden off the ticket for hillary clinton. >> that's crazy news chatter. >> joe, you heard from insiders about this. everybody poo-pooed you. >> said it early on. people were talking about it in '11. i heard from insiders. we talked about it on this show. everybody laughed. >> well, it turns out, when you say it, yeah. it turns out -- it turns out, oba obama's chief of staff at the time, was actively pushing the idea. his quote, i was vocal about looking into a bunch of things. this was one of them. you have to remember, at that point, the president was in awful shape. so, we were like holy christ, what do we do. fortunately for vice president biden, research suggested the move wasn't going to help the president's chances. i wonder why? >> hillary clinton's approval rating is down to 46% right now, i saw. hillary clinton -- >> this is interesting. >> i have great admiration for
employer. now that employer mandate was delayed for one year, so this time next year, right best election, that is when these possible cancellation notices, 93 million of them, will be going out. >> that 93 million is more than even the non-partisan cbo had predicted a year-and-a-half ago. i looked it up today. march 15th, 2012, the cbo and together with the joint committee on taxation, they issued a report. they said up to 30 million americans are going to lose their employer sponsored coverage because of obamacare. that didn't even include what, 15 or 20 million in the individual marketplace. and millions of those are now getting their cancellation notices. >> that's right. we should make the distinction between the millions of people who are now getting cancellation notices because they buy their insurance individually. that is the private, individual market. those letters are going out now. this time next year, a whole new raft of letters go out to those people who get their health insurance from their employer. those plans will be canceled. those people will be shifted into a policy
of new york in a speech at yale university said "we campaign in poetry, but when we are elected we are forced to govern in prose." tonight, president obama's poetry is under attack. >> the white house finds it self under the magnifying glass. >> the website has been grilled for hours. >> is that a true statement. >> yes or no question. >> by members of the house ways and means committee. >> this is government-run health care. >> republican leadership its out with a new message. >> the problems run deeper than just the website. >> we are over the website. >> my constituents can't keep their health care plan. >> he received this cancellation letter. >> they thought they could keep. >> they are not happy. >> they did not expect to get the letters. >> we need to fix the problem. >> expanned coverage. >> keep my doctors. >> you want prices to go down. >> i would look to have lower premiums. >> both involve more government. >> pass. >> republicans are walking into a trap. >> they have branded the republican party as anti-obama care party. >> the republican party is a post policy party. >
tonight. >>> new jersey governor chris christie looks like he's headed for an easy re-election victory on tuesday adding to speculation about a possible christie run for the white house. if he were to be the gop nominee in 2016 he could face hillary clinton or maybe vice president joe biden, a new book claims it could have been hillary clinton instead of joe biden as vp right now. >>> let's talk about with it -- about christie with hillary and the vice president -- let's say this again. let's talk about christie and hillary as vice president with two of cnn's political commentators, joining me are maria cardona and kevin madden. i feel like it's "cross fire." thanks for joining us, kevin and maria. >> thanks, don, good to see you. >> polls show chris christie cruising towards re-election. new jersey is a democratic state and he's apparently making inroads among women, among hispanics and other minorities. >> right. >> is he rewriting the republican playbook for winning traditionally democratic voters? >> yeah, i think it's an important sort of case study for how republicans can do a be
at elections next year. they are concerned about it. they are concerned about the success of this program depends on how many people, young people who are not in ill health enrolls. to the extent this website are masking other issues like sticker shock, to some extent the administration should be happy that people are focusing on the website. >> isn't that the story, we don't know the markets may adjust six months from now. but that really is a bigger challenge than a website launch, right? >> i think people feel they are out of pocket for this new reform that was promoted to them they will be unhappy and angry. whether the benefits that ordinary folks feel in terms of having protection, being able to change jobs without worrying so much, whether those out weigh sticker shock problems we'll have to say. you worry sometimes that the country wasn't ready politically or technologically for the breadth of what the administration tried to do. >> coming up on "morning joe," former vice president dick cheney will be here on the set plus politico strategist david axelrod, senator tom coburn and d
's race is always an off-year election. i wanted's always the year before the midterm election. so political watchers on both sides of the aisle pay close attention for what kinds of trends it can show them leading into the midterm elections. right now, democrats are hammering republicans. take a listen to what president obama said earlier today when he was trying to link ken cuccinelli to all republicans for the shut down. >> you've seen an e treem faction of the republican party that has been shown again and again and again that they're willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to absolute halt if they don't get a hundred percent of what they want. now this snts just speculation. we just saw it last month. here, in virginia, you felt the pain of the first government shutdown in 17 years. >> now, what's interesting about president obama's remarks, is that he didn't mention obama care at all. now, on the other side of the aisle, republicans have been trying to hammer all democrats over obama care and ken cuccinelli has been campaigning wi
from the re-election tick net favor of hillary clinton. the bombshell coming from a new book quoted in "the new york times." brianna keilar has been looking into all of this. talk about setting washington abuzz this morning, brianna. >> reporter: it sure is, kate, already. former top aides to the president are clashing over whether this even happened. but this new book confirms what was once only speculation, that an obama/clinton ticket was a real possibility for 2012. in the spotlight, a president united with his vice president the year before his re-election. >> my outstanding vice president, joe biden is here. >> reporter: but behind the scenes with obama's prospects for a second term in doubt, top aides reportedly considered replacing biden with hillary clinton on the 2012 ticket. >> how serious were they looking into having hillary clinton be the vice president? >> it was serious enough that it was intentionally polled and focus grouped. >> the president didn't know them about polling and doing focus groups. >> very possible. joe biden didn't know, certainly. >> reporter: acou
government. we will win this election because the people and values of texas are on our side. we know the power of the individual, what liberty means to the voters who go to the poles. >> wendy davis wants to turn texas into california. >> god bless her. >> california just expanded access to safe abortion by increasing the number of people that could provide it. california would be a much safer place for women to be compared to texas. i do want to temper the optimism. not all the provisions were challenged. there is still the 20 week abortion ban which were not challenged. so the supreme court has said that you can't put an undue limitation on women but there are still so many loopholes. >> i read what the judge did on the medication abortions. it seemed to me that he re-opened some possibility for the physician's discretion in how to handle that. >> yes. i mean, i have to agree with crystal. we are disappointed with that portion of this ruling. but on balance, this ruling is still a victory for texas women. >> this is snot the only state and the obviously where this is going on it is
not to campaign against them in their re, in their re-elections. but i, look, i believe firmly this is a trust but verify situation. with senator cruz. there its nos nothing stopping from going to the floor or going out to the cameras and saying, well, you know, the senate is not doing what it need to do. you just, you do not spend as many months as he has spent in the senate, however lit they'll hathey'll -- however lit they'll have been in the senate. beating the hell out of the constitution and republican colleagues and over one lunch decide i will back off. leave you alone. >> we are going to fiend out, josh, whether this means simply not naming names anymore or just kind of as jonathan said, be able to go out and say, the senate isn't working, and our side of the senate isn't working well. >> well, expect he will go out and say that. the senate conservatives fund. mitch mcconnell declared war on it. they have been backing his oement opponent in the kentucky senate race. and how the senate conservatives fund is working to help democrats by undermining the republican majority in the senate.
. >> i will add to that, larry had he replaced quail he may have perhaps won re-election. that was one of the factors. people didn't like dan quail. i also think if the president's approval ratings got lower or stayed low that i think those low level discussions would have become high level discussions. this is all political calculation here. i think the president would have done anything to hold on to his seat. and i think in the end he didn't need hillary clinton on the ticket. but, if he had really needed her, he would have used her and he would have dumped biden and he would have won. >> i guess you would have loved to be on that ticket. move on to the next one. next race in my home state new jersey. let's talk about chris christie. it looks like is he going to be an overwhelmingly huge winner so to speak. >> he absolutely is there is a silly, ridiculous discussion about what percentage does he have to get? it's going to make a big difference if he gets 61 rather than 59. this is absurd. >> what is incredible is that you have a republican who is at least conservative at least fisca
are talking about was elected with the precise assignment of blocking obama care. if you look back at the 2010 elisabeth hasselbecks it was largely about obama care. people were with sent to washington, d.c. to slow this down. not for political interests. not to slag the president but because they thought this would lead to bad consequences. republicans predicted a lot of this. republicans said the website was likely to fail. republicans said you wouldn't be able to keep the plan if you liked it. democrats don't have anywhere else to go now. they don't have arguments to make. they are relying on two weak arguments. >> they say republican governors are refusing to expand medicaid while the supreme court said they had every right to decline to implement the medicaid expansion. democrats are upset they chose to exercise the right. they are taked off that the republicans didn't approve another billion dollars or so for the roll out of health care.gov and promotion of obama care. they say it would have helped. >> it's not -- the problems we are seeing aren't about promoting health care.gov. if more
better. those in the poll say they will vote independent in the 2014 elections compared to thele 28% who say they will vote republican. nicole. >> nicole, let's digest things here. president's ratings at an all time low. the republican party's approval ratings at an all time low in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. i don't see things getting better for either side coming out of the government shutdown and any republicans thinking they are getting a boost by the president's problems can look at these polls and others and see it's just not enough to be against their guy, republicans have to come up with their own ideas. >> that's right. if you look at these numbers -- we keep talking about arriving at some sort of floor for republicans, and what's so stunning is that the bottom keeps getting lower and lower and i think -- i heard mike barn cal say something during way too early the world series has been a wonderful respite from all the ugliness in washington. i think that's true. what republicans have to take from this and joe you talked about this a lot, bush has talked about this,
before the election last year change his personal view on gay marriage on same-sex marriage. he'd been in favor of civil unions as he came into office and he personally decided to support same sex marriage. we've also seen recently the repeal of don't ask don't tell. and with the obama administration stopping its enforcement of that federal same-sex marriage ban once the supreme court this year overruled that ban, we're now seeing same-sex couples a lot of them get married so that they can enjoy the federal benefits that traditional couples receive, as well. >> i know that apple ceo tim cook is also weighing in on this, he's pushing the senate to vote for the legislation. but do you think it will? >> reporter: actually the expectation, and let me just tell you this, we just got notice from dean heller, a senator from nevada, a republican, who is saying that he will support it and that actually gives this measure 60 votes. so it is appearing that it is increasingly likely that this will pass the senate. and it really is a lot of the business community that is driving this. i spoke with
jersey governor chris christie a commanding lead in his re-election bid. voters make their choice tomorrow. but this morning, there is also talk of christie's future, along with the woman he could face in a 2016 presidential bid, former secretary of state hillary clinton. jan crawford is in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning margaret and charlie. it's too soon to call them front-runners early on but the buzz around clinton and christie is undeniable. mitt romney considered chris christie to be his running mate in 2012 and on sunday he had lots of praise. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> but a romney-christie ticket never materialized because of what romney's team found vetting the governor. according to "doubling down" christie's background check raised red flags about the man they code named pufferfish including questions about his travel expenses when he was a u.s. attorney his health and weight, and his brother's admission of securities fraud. they dug up so muc
. >>> two new polls out this morning give new jersey governor chris christie a commanding lead in his re-election bid. voters make their choice tomorrow. but this morning, there is also talk of christie's future, along with the woman he could face in a 2016 presidential bid, former secretary of state hillary clinton. jan crawford is in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning margaret and charlie. it's too soon to call them front-runners early on but the buzz around clinton and christie is undeniable. mitt romney considered chris christie to be his running mate in 2012 and on sunday he had lots of praise. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> but a romney-christie ticket never materialized because of what romney's team found vetting the governor. according to "doubling down" christie's background check raised red flags about the man they code named pufferfish, including questions about his travel expenses when he was a u.s. attorney, his health and weight, and his brother's admission of securities fraud. they dug
democratic president in history elected to a second term and barack obama did one thing, get more than 50% -- >> it got nasty between obama and hillary clinton and bill was right in the middle of that. it is his wife after all so i can imagine things were testy. let's turn to the president and obama care because i got angry yesterday, i must say, when i saw a couple things flying around social media. the repeated times the president told the american people you want to keep your doctor or plan, you can. no qualifications, if that plan isn't good it automatically gets replaced, nothing like that. >> right. >> i thought that is a bare faced untruth. >> yeah. >> period. >> yeah. >> you can spin your way out of it as much as you like. it's an untruth. >> that's right. the best defense we hear now is yeah, but if he had told the truth they never would have passed it. he's doing it for their own good. you idiots we know what is best for you. you wouldn't belief us but we know, we went to harvard. >> at what point, though, does if obama care, if they get the technology right, which they may do i
and mikalah per era. >> good morning. it is monday, 6:00 in the east. coming up, we will be talking elections. before you say it's a little early to be talking about the mid-terms, let alone 2016, it's all about moves that indicate later moves when it comes to politic, including election day for new jersey governor chris christieest. we also have a major senator essentially endorsing hillary clinton over the weekend. what does that mean? >> rocking the nfl. you see there, that coach collapsing on the field. also, we have new information this morning about the miami dolphins player who left the team over allegeled bullying. now there is more things on how this 320 pound tackle was bullied and how one player involved is suspended. >>> if you look at the calendar, we are one week to the big shopping day. beginning with christ somalis, the bigger question. is this a good thing? >> let's begin with the health scare this morning for the coach from the nfl houston texans. 52-year-old gary kubiak, they say he did not have a heart attack. the question is, what happened? cnn is live in houston with det
is just about 6:04. tomorrow local elections will be held and in one city a controversial gun control proposal is on the ballot. janine de la vega is live. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this proposal is called measure c. and it tightens gun control. now its a controversial issue so that is why the city council voted to put it on the ballot. here's what measure c does. it would require a gun owner to tell police within 48 hours if their firearm is lost or stolen. 9:requires gun owners to -- it requires gun openers to lock up their guns. it also prohibits the possession of ammunition magazines that have more than ten rounds. a local gun store u.s. firearms is against the measure. it will not stop shootings and instead it will generate lawsuits against the city. here's what one resident had to say about all of this. >> i would agree with that. but i still feel safer. i think if you know if they are locked up. just from that perspective. and i think the city makes -- >> reporter: the national rifle association is threatening to sue if measure c passes saying it it infringes on a gun ow
in a way they previously haven't been. he's not burdened by a presidential election coming up in 2014, because there is no presidential election in 2014. there's some reason to believe he has a little more room to wiggle. listen, the best outcome out of thissituation, a lot of people think, is to develop a number to fund the government through 2014 and maybe shift some money around so sequestration doesn't hit as hard. obviously there's another round of sequestration coming in january. if they can mess with that and get it into better shape so it doesn't hit as deeply at $967 billion it's going to cut pretty deep into the government, that would be a success. we're not talking about social security reform or medicare reform or medicaid reform even tax reform. those things are not going to happen for the reasons we just described. getting a number to fund through 2014 and avoiding kind of the harsh realities of sequestration would be good goals according to republicans and even some democrats. >> you know, ryan, i kind of think getting rid of sequestration, even if it means no revenue,
that are offended, and how we cover every religion in america? politicians are elected to legislate, although i would say that this political body in washington needs a lot more than prayer and the problem here is if i were an atheist and i am not, i do believe in god and etc., but if i were an atheist i would be offended for my first amendment right would be violated by my government and of course, the fear of what could come next that this could lead to an establishment of legislation that would benefit christians because many say that this is offensive to other religions. martha: sandra day o'connor said that it sends a message that they are outsiders not full members of the political community and you look at this situation, one of the plaintiffs received a letter that was signed with three number sixes, that if you feel unwanted, it is probably because you are. and it seems like the sort of falls into an almost different category. and i think most people agree it is completely wrong. >> you talk about that pe talk s first amendment right and no one is affecting that person's right to freed
kolhatkar of business week, thanks very much. >> egypt's first democratically elected president now on trial for >> ifill: egypt's first democratically elected president, now on trial for inciting murder was defiant during his brief first day in court. newshour correspondent kwame holman begins our coverage. with mohammed morsi arrival for his trial shown on state television marks the first time he has been seen publicly since the military forced him from power in july. the troil is being held at this highly fortified police academy compound. broadcaster kos not air statements from inside the courtroom but one of morsi's lauers said he took a defiant stand. >> when he came into the hall the lawyers began chanting in support of him. the president said when he came in its 32-year-old morsies with kept in a courtroom holding cell along with 14 codefendants, top members of his muslim brotherhood. they're accused of insighting this violence in cairo last december against opponents of the muslim brotherhood. ten people died in the clashes. morsi supporters say the case is trumped up. hundreds of t
was, elect obama/clinton for 2012. turns out the obama campaign considered bumping joe biden from the ticket last year and replacing him with hillary clinton. obama's former chief of staff confirms that a switch was discussed as were many options but he says it was never considered seriously. jay carney says the president dismissed the idea out of hand. i know for a fact that president obama never considered this, never thought about it, never entertained it. the vice president has been a partner of his from the 2008 campaign on, an excellent governing partner and excellent campaign partner. so again, campaigns test everything but as the book itself says this was never considered by the president. >> obama's former senior adviser, david plouffe, also denies any serious intent. plouffe tweeted "never any, any consideration of vice president of hillary rodham clinton switch." >>> congress is ramping up its investigation into the terror attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, as you'll recall, four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya tide in that ferocious atta
. big elections in new jersey and virginia. and the president was out in virginia yesterday. >> that's right. and they're hoping for some good news out of virginia.ç polls something that democrats could have a clean sweep in what had long been a will be dominated, if the election goes the way the polls suggest, by the democrats. that's good, good news here at the white house.ç >> chris christie, republican, headed to victory in new jersey. >>> let's get the other top stories from josh. >>> a frightening scene at a football game. houston head coach, gary kubiak, you see him there in the blue sweat suit. he collapsed on the field as he walking to the locker room at halftime.ç he appeared conscious. obviously in pain. carried off the field on a stretcher. he is in stable condition at the hospital at this hour. the team saying he's undergoingç tests today but did not have a heart attack. meanwhile, the texans blew an 18-point lead at that point and they would lose the game.o@ r(tc big story in professional football. accusations that a miami dolphins player quit because he was bull
to be false. passengers were allowed to turn about two hours later. >>> 8:06. tomorrow, local elections will be held and in one south bay city, a controversial gun control proposal is on the ballot. janine de la vega joining us live in sunnyvale to tell us more about the measure and what people are saying. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. people definitely have their strong opinions we're here in a neighborhood where people have said there's been numerous break-ins. those who are against measure c say it can make their neighborhood a target. measure c would require a gun owner to tell police within 48 hours if their firearm is lost or stolen. it also requires gun owners to have their guns disabled with a safety device or in a lock box if their firearms are not in their immediate possession. the measure prohibits ammunition magazines that can hold more than ten rounds and requires those that sell ammunition to log and track sales. >> sunnyvale is a -- we feel it's a very safe safety. we had a suicide and we feel that if the gun had been locked up or -- or if there w
. >> i believe the republican party is in trouble. we've lost the last two presidential elections, and we badly need to bring along a new generation of talent. >> he didn't say it, but women. cheney touted his daughter's credentials, two tours at the state department and a mother of five. she says the man she's running against is not a batted guy. >>> another website failure. a malfunction crashed the site yesterday. just after kathleen sebelius praised it as a model of sufficiency and security. that malfunction was fixed, but it is the tip of the proverbial iceberg and no one is taking responsibility for all that has gone wrong with the website. the question is -- and there must be an answer to this at some point -- where does the buck stop? it would seem like an easy question to answer. but how did it go so wrong sno. >> it would seem that way. we know this. the obama care girl who was on the cover here, smiling young woman, has disappeared. we don't know why. maybe she's not smiling amid all these problems, but it's just as well. because too many people were involved with this from the
to dismantle it at every turn, they're worried it looks bad. and if you keep pushing it towards election, you're making democratic senators vulnerable. >> there's a concerted effort to make this about republicans. that's why i'm telling you, i think rains need to step back and let it play out. you can use the word obstructionist and use people that want to get in the way of this. this has nothing to do with conservatives and republicans anymore. its failures on on its own merits. we need to be talking about how obama care is working and people losing those health plans because they weren't grandfathered in, don't meet the minimum standards. that's obama care working. >> it's fairly any objective standard of equality, reasonable health care is by any measure in the world. it's not like obama said i don't want that one. >> you are defining for the rest of america what minimum standards are. you're defining what's better. >> that's what we always do. we do it with food. >> you always do it. i agree. >> you don't think governments should establish standards for food, health care, housing? >> i th
is election day. they continue to hang onto the coattails of their more famous endorsers. here's an update. >> reporter: hoping for a last-minute surge in a low turnout race, ken cuccinelli brought along starpower to culpepp culpepp culpepper. marco rubio is a referendum on president obama and the affordable care act. >> the president running for governor on the democratic side, not only supports obama care, he actually thinks it doesn't go far enough in the direction of government control. >> fight back against the president and obama care and tear him apart and do it with our votes tomorrow right here in virginia. tomorrow is our day, folks. tomorrow is our day! >> reporter: the latest quinnipiac poll shows terry mcauliffe leading by six points. it has robert sarvis with 8%, much from conservative voters who might otherwise vote for cuccinelli. cuccinelli campaigns alongside ron paul. among male voters, cuccinelli leads. surveys suggest his supporters are more energized than mcauliffes. but the democrat has a big lead with women. vice president joe biden hit the trail with him this morni
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